My parcel has been collected but the status hasn't updated!

Don't stress! If a parcel has been collected, and the Shippit status has not updated, this can happen when:

  • The tracking data for the parcel has not been sent to the Shippit system (from the carrier).
    • What to do:
      • Use the Carrier ID to track the parcel directly on the Carrier website.
      • Get in touch with our support team know so that we can ensure the tracking is up-to-date

Still no tracking?

Whilst drivers try their best to ensure a smooth delivery, sometimes there will be tracking missing if a parcel is not scanned properly, or if there's an issue with the label.

Here, you can count on our Customer Happiness Agents to help you through this. Before you reach out, please make sure you've followed the checklist below:

1) Can you confirm if the customer has received this?
2) Can you confirm the date, time, and name of driver who apparently picked up the goods?
3) Do you have a copy of the printed manifest for that day signed by the driver?

We always recommend having the driver sign a manifest to provide back up for yourself in instances such as this one. This is to ensure you have proof of collection if no driver scans are present.

We will of course do our best to escalate the issue to the courier however please note that without a signed manifest, there is no liability for Shippit or the Carrier in the event of a missing parcel.

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