I booked a delivery but it hasn't been picked up!

Every delivery booking made with Shippit's Approved Carriers is instantly confirmed once it reaches "Ready for Pickup" status. This means a consignment number has been booked and a pickup has been requested with the carrier on your behalf. 

Pickup times do vary based on the carrier allocated and your pickup location. We typically observe parcels being collected within 24 hours or one business day of making a booking. Please note however, that in some instances  this may take longer - for example, there are no pickups will occur on weekends or public holidays.

To prevent delays, our friendly support team actively monitor and push along any outstanding pickup requests that are outside of expected timelines with our Approved Carrier network.

Pro-tip: Drivers know best. For a more accurate guide on when to book a delivery for same day pickup, its best to ask your local delivery driver.

If you suspect something has gone wrong, please send us an email at hello@shippit.com.

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