I'm worried my parcel is taking too long to get to my customer

This often arises when a parcel has spent a too long in a particular state such as "In Transit". Here at Shippit we try keep shipping as simple as possible - this means we hide the jargon our carrier tracking systems tell us and wrap it up into simple status updates. These could be things like depot transfers, data interchanges and all other sorts of fun stuff.

Ok, got it, but it hasn't moved

You should always track estimated delivery times from the moment a delivery is picked up by the carrier - the moment your parcel was marked as "In Transit".

We hate slow deliveries as much as you do, thats why we built our Delivery Delay Avoidance system. It actively monitors every delivery to ensure delays are minimised - flagging exceptions so our support team can get onto them quick smart. 

Please note: If the delivery progress is stuck in either a "Delivery Attempted" or an "Awaiting Collection" state, this means we are waiting on the recipient to act on information we have provided them. 

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