How do I change the destination or recipient details on a delivery?

Things change - we get it, don't stress we can help!

Deliveries Not Yet Picked Up

Depending on the state of the order, there are different actions you can take to change the delivery details:

  • Order Placed
    Simply navigate to the appropriate order on the New Orders tab and click the blue drop down arrow button to the far right of the order and select Modify to change the details of the delivery.


  • Despatch In Progress
    Simply cancel the delivery booking and manually re-create the delivery booking by navigating to the Send tab and following the steps to create a new booking.
  • Ready For Pickup
    Get in touch with our support team ( so they can cancel the delivery and process a refund. Create a new booking with the correct details.

Deliveries Already Picked Up

Please respond to the delivery booking confirmation email we sent you with the updated delivery details and we will do our best to update these for you.

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