My parcel is ready for collection, now what?

Great job booking your delivery and labelling your parcel! At this point, Shippit has instructed your allocated carrier to collect your parcel.

Pickup times and practices vary by carrier and location. Like an awkward first date, getting things right the first time can be tricky, so please be patient coordinating your very first pickup.

Tips to ensure smooth pickup:

  • Ensure someone is available at the pickup location to meet the pickup driver
  • Ensure your parcel is labelled, ready to go and easy to access
  • If your pickup location is difficult to reach, please call your allocated carrier directly to inform them of special instructions (a contact number can be found on the tracking page for the relevant delivery)
  • Get to know your local pickup driver and their schedule so you are familiar with their collection times

Once collected, you can monitor progress by navigating to the Track tab once logged in to Shippit.

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