Checklist of actions for a smooth pickup

We've worked hard so you don't have to in ensuring the smooth delivery of your parcels. To avoid mishaps, here is a list of activities you should undertake when your allocated courier collects your parcels.

  1. Ensure you are available at the pickup location at time of pickup
  2. Ensure you have affixed your label to the parcel and the barcodes are not obstructed
  3. Ensure you have printed out your delivery manifest, ready to be signed by the courier
  4. Count the number of parcels with the courier and get them to sign the manifest to confirm collection

Please Note:

We always recommend having the driver sign a manifest. This is to ensure you have proof of collection if no driver scans are present.

Our friendly support team will of course do their best to escalate any delivery mishaps to the courier. Without a signed manifest, there is no liability for Shippit or the Carrier in the event of a missing parcel.

These activities will ensure that your deliveries will go as smoothly as possible. It will also help when things go wrong to speed up issue resolution.


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