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NSW Alcohol Same Day Delivery Law Updates | 1st Dec 2021
NSW Alcohol Same Day Delivery Law Updates | 1st Dec 2021
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Updates to Support NSW’s Alcohol Same Day Delivery Law Changes

In response to the NSW government’s new laws on same day alcohol delivery (effective 1 December 2021) Shippit will be updating what information is passed through to carriers and shown on labels.

What’s changing?

From 1 December 2021, delivery providers must ensure that the people they engage to make same day deliveries hold a current RSAT certificate. Penalties apply for non-compliance, including a maximum fine of $5,500.

To learn more, we recommend visiting the Liquor & Gaming NSW website.

How will this impact me?

For Same Day Deliveries containing alcohol, we are introducing the following changes which are enabled on a per carrier basis:

  • Information passed through to the carrier (through the order Booking Request) will (where relevant) indicate that the order contains Alcohol.

  • A notice will be added on the shipping label to indicate that the order requires an 18+ ID check and Signature

Please note that these changes are only applied on a carrier level (as opposed to an order by order basis).

What action is required?

From 1 December, 2021, we will be enabling these updates automatically to merchants that currently ship alcohol using Same Day Delivery in NSW.

If you'd like to double-check or are planning to ship alcohol using Same Day Delivery in NSW, please reach out to our support team to ensure this functionality has been activated for your account.

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