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COVID-19 Update: Best Practices For Safe, Smooth Operations
COVID-19 Update: Best Practices For Safe, Smooth Operations
Updated over a week ago

Both Shippit and all our partners are working closely together to ensure minimal impact to our shared customers and ultimately, our community.

Ensuring safe practice.

Whilst the Covid-19 situation continues to impact business operations across the country, we can confirm that all our partnered carriers are following the government guidelines and ensuring their staff remain lawful.

Any driver and/or carrier staff member from within an LGA must adhere to the guidelines in place in order to commence their shifts daily and continue to fulfil their role.

All drivers should be:

  • Practicing the required hygienic measures i.e keeping a 1.5m distance, wearing masks, and using hand sanitiser.

  • Using contactless behaviour wherever possible. This means no contact during pickup and delivery, and physical signatures will not be obtained.

  • Any drivers in LGAs are currently required to return negative tests in order to work.

Please kindly note that whilst these practices are in place, it is not a requirement for drivers to show you their vaccination status or their current Covid-19 test results, please do not ask. Always remember to be kind to your driver.

How you can help.

To help things running smoothly and safely, you can help by doing the following:

  • Spray or sanitise your packages before or upon collection.

  • Set up a designated pickup area so the driver can keep a safe distance when collecting packages.

  • Pickups requiring a tail-lift, the drivers are advised to remain in their vehicles so please ensure your warehouse staff are ready & equipped to complete the required collection.

  • Ensure your staff have goods labelled ready at the time of collection to avoid wait times and futile charges.

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