Installing the Shippit plugin for Cin7

Getting integrated with us using Cin7 is easy, so let's get you started!


1. Go to and log into your shippit account.

2. Click the drop down arrow at the top right-hand corner of the screen > Settings > Integrations and select Cin7.

3. Click on Cin7 API Details.

4. A Cin7 login page will be presented and you'll need to log in.

5. Save API Username: example (below = ShippitAU)

6. Select "Add API Connection"

7. Add App Name: "Insert anything" 


  1. API Key somewhere (below example API key = 5346f4152434c91981b28a8a0b8a976) - click "Back to Setup"

 9. Once returning to the Setup page, update permissions for <Your app name from step 7>, then check all boxes shown in next example.

Boxes to check:

Now go back to Shippit and enter following into Shippit connect

  • Your store name = "Insert anything"
  • Username = "use your API username, our example was "ShippitAU" (from step 5.
  • Password = [API key from Cin7].

Congratulations, you have now integrated cin7!

Want to know more about how to use to configure and sync orders from Cin7? Please see guide below.

1. In your shippit account, navigate to Settings > Integrations

2. You can change the import status by selected from the drop down.

3. You can import specific orders by:

- Order number

- Order stage

- Date

4. Automatic fulfillment once shipped

Update and you're done!

For any cin7 related queries, please contact us at

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