Integrating your Cin7 account with Shippit

Integrating your Cin7 account with Shippit is easy thanks to our Shippit Connect plugin and can save you valuable time by automating your order entry process. Before you get started, make sure you have the following ready:

  1. Your Cin7 username and password
  2. Your Cin7 store name
  3. Your Cin7 API username and API key (password)
  4. A Shippit account with no other existing API connections and valid billing details

Cin7 Setup

  1. Log into Shippit and navigate to the Settings page. Drill into Integrations and select the Cin7 integration from the Shippit Connect list

  2. Click on Cin7 API Details
    If you are not logged into Cin7, you will be prompted to do so.

  3. Save your API Username (in this case, ShippitAU)

  4. Select Add API Connection

  5. Add an App Name. You can use any name that you prefer, but we recommend something simple and easy to remember (for example: Shippit or ShippitApp)

  6. Copy and save your API Key for the new API connection and click Back to Setup

  7. Within the Setup page, find the app that you created in step 5 under Connections and click Permissions.

  8. Allow Shippit to read all options and create, read, update and delete Sales Orders. Your permissions should look like this:

Shippit Setup

Return to Shippit and enter following into Shippit connect

  • Your store name
  • Username (seen in step 3 of your Cin7 setup - this is your API Username)
  • Password (the API key that you saved in step 6 of your Cin7 setup)

Click Continue to integrate with Cin7

Integration Settings

Your account will be set up with default integration settings, but you can easily alter order and shipment sync settings within Shippit's Integrations settings.


By default, all orders will be imported when in the Release to Pick status, but can be synced at any one of the following states:

Orders can also be imported manually by order number, stage or age.

By default, Shippit Connect will also fulfil all orders in Cin7 once the corresponding shipping consignment is booked in Shippit. You can alter this setting in Shipment Sync.

Please make sure to click Update after altering any of your settings.

I'm having issues following these steps

Please reach out to us at [email protected] for further assistance.

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