If you have booked orders within Shippit that are under-declared or are not ready for pickup upon the arrival of the driver, you may be declined service and incur a futile charge.

What is a futile charge?

If your goods are not prepared, misdeclared or inaccessible, carriers may refuse to re-attempt a pick-up and charge you for the full cost of the delivery. In this case, a new consignment will need to be created.

Common reasons for refusal or futile charges

  • The driver cannot access the location of the parcels
  • Store or warehouse is closed upon arrival of the driver
  • The goods were not labelled or ready to be picked up
  • Dimensions or weight of goods were misdeclared

How can I avoid these charges?
Easy! Make sure to correctly declare your goods, have all items prepared prior to booking (or manifesting) your packages and make sure to list the correct opening hours in your General Settings, as shown below.

NOTE: Most cancellations made before 5pm (within the same day as your booking request) will avoid futile fees, but we cannot guarantee this. If you are charged a futile fee, this has come directly from the carrier and not Shippit so we are unable to apply credits or refunds.


Need a hand?

Reach out to us and one of our friendly support staff with get back to you:

Australia / New Zealand - hello@shippit.com

Singapore - hello@shippit.com.sg

Malaysia - hello@shippit.com.my

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