Futile Pickup

What’s a ‘futile’ pickup?


If the driver attempts pickup and cannot for some reason do so, you may incur a futile charge. 


Reasons this can happen:

  • The driver cannot gain access to your location to collect e.g an access code is required at the gate or the elevator won’t allow the driver up
  • The location was closed
  • The goods were not labelled or ready to be picked up


How to avoid a futile charge:

  • Ensure goods are ready to go - packaged and labelled ready for the driver
  • Do not hit BOOK NOW until the goods are ready
  • Let us know your opening hours and any special instructions so we can alert your local driver hello@shippit.com


Am I charged for a futile pick up?

Yes, the original label fee is charged and a new order will need to be placed.

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