Delivery Estimates - ETAs

Unless you book an order with a Same Day carrier, standard carriers cannot offer a delivery day or time.

It all depends on the driver's schedule for the day to be honest!

What if my delivery hasn't arrived by the ETA?

Delivery estimates are just that, estimates. It's important to remember that this is not a guaranteed delivery date.

Although the courier tries hard to ensure delivery on time, there are circumstances outside of anyone's control that may delay the date of arrival.

Things such as:

  • weather
  • traffic, accidents
  • peak season delays
  • high volume depots (e.g Syd, Melb, Brisbane metro)
  • failed delivery attempts
  • no access to the delivery location


What should I do then?

Firstly, don't panic. It doesn't always mean somethings missing, lost, or gone wrong!

  • Deliveries can be tracked online using Shippit, simply click the link from your tracking page
  • Contact the courier so they can check in on the delivery with the depot and/or driver
  • Failing this, contact Shippit so we can help. Our support team are on hand at



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