Can I change my delivery address?

Once a parcel is already in transit, re-direction isn’t always easy! It can also delay your delivery so not always recommended.

A change of address normally requires a new label and the Sender will be charged for a redirection, so you’ll need to confirm this with the sender directly.

The Sender will then contact Shippit to authorise the additional charge.

Okay so who do I contact?

  • It's best to contact the sender first for authorisation
  • You can also contact Shippit Support via email so we can help


What other options do I have?

Authority to leave is the easiest option!

  • This can be done by clicking the 'authorty to leave' link in your dispatch email.

I can't see an option for Authority to Leave?

  • Simply give the courier a call, their details will be in your dispatch email.


The fine print

  • Any changes made to a delivery address can take 24-72 hours to take affect.
  • If you’re no longer at this address, call the courier asap before delivery and request they hold onto the parcel at the depot until further instruction.
  • There is no guarantee of changing the address once goods are in flight, in some cases the goods may still be delivered to the original address if the driver is not intercepted in time.
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