Driver and Pickup Scans

It is absolutely crucial that the driver scans your parcel/s!

Why is a scan so important?

  • Without a scanning event, no claim can be made on insurance in the event of a lost/damaged parcel.
  • All drivers are required to scan a parcel upon collection, it is an essential part of their job otherwise they do not get paid for the collection.
  • In the event the driver cannot scan a parcel (scanner not working) a run-sheet is signed by the driver instead and given to the depot at the end of day  to ensure each job is noted on their run.
  • The depot will always scan parcels in at the end of the day so it is not possible for a parcel to travel without 'any' scans.
  • In the event the label comes off, the parcel will always go into their 'query freight cage' and a parcel search will be initiated to locate the goods.

What do I do if the driver cannot scan my parcel?

  • We don't recommend allowing a driver to take your parcel/s without scanning it first.
  • Ask the driver why their scanner is not working and request they return asap with a working scanner.
  • Report the issue to Shippit if the driver continues doing this so we can alert their Fleet Manager.



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