DHL Ecommerce - pickup process

Step 1.

Pack your individual shipments in your own branded or plain packaging (No visible DHL or other International logistics provider logo).

Step 2.

Print your labels after Shipment Creation via the DHL eCommerce Customer Web Portal.
Attach one shipment label per individual shipment.

Print your Handover Note for the collective shipment.

Step 3.

Individual shipments will need to be grouped into a collectcive shipment by placing each individual shipment into a large box or bag.

Include the Handover Note printed from the DHL eCommerce Customer Web Portal inside the collective shipment.

Step 4.

Seal the collective shipment (large bag or box) securely either using cable ties for bags or durable tape for boxes so no shipments can be lost in transit to the Distribution Centre.

Step 5. 

Arrange a pickup with our local Customer Service team.
Receive back an Airway bill from DHL to attach to the outside of the collective shipment.

Alternatively, you can drop off at a local Distribution Centre. (Please contact DHL for this).

Step 6.

Hand over the collective shipment to the driver.

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