DHL International

International Duty/Import Charges.

  • DHL have thresholds for particular countries, if this threshold is exceeded, duty/import charges will apply
  • It's within DHL's terms of carriage that the receiver (your customer) is liable when it comes to import charges, please ensure your customer is aware of this otherwise you may be liable for all charges to return the goods back to sender (yourself)
  • If you need more info or help regarding this issue our Support Team can help, simply email








New Zealand $240* NZD

*Total GST and DUTY revenue does not exceed NZD $60. IE a shipment

of shoes and footwear has an invoice cost of $260 including freight. 15%

for GST $39 and 10% for duty. Revenue would be $65 and exceed the


Singapore $400 SGD


Malaysia 500 MYR  
Philippines 10000 PHP/15 PHP 10,000 PHP for personal imports via mail. 15 for commercial imports
USA $800 USD  
United Kingdom 15 & 135 GBP
VAT of 20% is applicable if the import value excluding shipping charge
exceeds GBP 15. Duty applies if the import value exceeds GBP 135.
Hong Kong $0 HKD
Free port
Thailand 1000 THB CIF Value



Pickup tips!

To ensure there's no delays when it comes time to collect, ensure you have the below ready for the driver before pickup.

1. Print the label from Shippit once the order is booked.

2. Print the Commercial Invoice to give to the driver

3. You can also print the AWB Archive Document to give the driver instead if you'd like the original copy.

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