Integrating your Neto account with Shippit

Integrating your Neto account with Shippit is easy thanks to our Shippit Connect plugin and can save you valuable time by automating your order entry process. Before you get started, make sure you have the following ready:

  1. Neto login credentials
  2. Neto API Details - including your Neto Domain and API key 
  3. A Shippit account with valid billing details

Neto Setup

1. Log into your Neto account

2. On the panel on the the left, navigate your way to Setup & Tools. Click All Settings and Tools.

3. On the Setup and Tools page navigate to Developer Tools. Drill into API Settings.

4. Take note or copy down the API key


 regenerate button creates a new API key - this is not recommended if other apps are already using this key

5. Once you have the API key also copy down the store domain e.g. - please do not include any other details in the domain

Shippit Setup

1. Log into your Shippit account and navigate to the Settings menue via the drop-down arrow at the top left-hand corner of the page. Drill into Integrations


3. Scroll down the list of integrations and click on the Neto logo to connect your accounts

4. Enter your Neto domain & API details from Part 1 and click "Update"


5. If the connection is successful, you will be directed to the Neto Integration Settings page.

Neto Webhook Enablement (Important)

1. After you have successfully linked your Neto & Shippit accounts, return to the Integrations page in your Shippit Settings. Copy your Webhook Url from the Orders tab by clicking on the Clipboard icon next to the Webhook URL


2. Head back to your Neto account and navigate your way back to API Settings (start at Setup & Tools, click All Setup & Tools, then click Developer Tools and drill into API Settings)

3. Copy and paste the URL into the "Neto API Webhook URL" field and also ensure that the Neto API Webhook is enabled


4. Make sure to click Save Changes

Once you have completed the integration, you can manage all of your Shippit integration settings directly within the Integrations page in Shippit. This includes your order syncing preferences and your order fulfilment settings.

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