Obtaining your Australia Post or StarTrack API Key

If you would like to integrate your own Australia Post or StarTrack account with Shippit and are subscribed to a plan at the Grow level or higher, you can use the following steps to generate API keys for quoting and booking with your account within Shippit.

To generate an API key, you will need the following:

  • An eParcel or Startrack account, along with an Australia Post business credit account
  • Your account number

If you do not currently have an account with eParcel or Startrack, please email us at [email protected] and our team will introduce you to the appropriate contact at Australia Post directly.

Obtaining your API Key

Set Up a Developer Centre account 

Complete all fields on the registration page and make sure to activate your account once you have received a confirmation email from Australia Post.

Note: if you have a MyPost account that is registered under your business email address, you can use the same credentials to access the Developer Centre.

Register for the Shipping & Tracking APIs at https://developers.auspost.com.au/apis

Click the Register link and Complete Registration to continue. 

Make sure to specify that you are looking for an API key that has access to tracking, product pricing, lodgement and label printing, then enter the Australia Post and Startrack accounts to be linked to the key.


Important note: Australia Post's account numbers are all linked to individual lodgement points, meaning that only one account can be used per physical location. 

If you have more than one store location, multiple pick up addresses, or use more than one lodgement point, you will need to link all relevant account numbers to one API key. Please ensure you specify all account numbers that will be used via the APIs in the comments field in the last step of the registration process and identify one "leader account" for billing purposes (this should be your main Australia Post credit account). We recommend the following template:


Next, specify Shippit as your your Platform Partner and indicate that you are willing to give us consent to access your account by checking the box below the partner list. This is an important step as it allows our team to troubleshoot any issues on your behalf.


Wait for confirmation email and then follow the steps as advised

Within one business day, you should receive an activation email from Australia Post. Using the link, log in to your account.

To create your new API key, open the Projects tab and then Create new project.

Name your project, and within the Organisation menu select the correct charge account. Click Create Project.

Within the project menu list to the left of the screen, click API Access and then Create a key.

Create a Key nickname and a Secret (password) for the key as directed and then Create key.

The Secret and API key will be used by our team to securely communicate with Australia Post's systems.

Add services to your API key

This is the most important step in configuring your API key as without Services, the API key is a blank slate.

Select Services from the project menu and change the Active status for all APIs to ON. 

Make sure to click Update to save these changes.


Share your credentials with the Shippit team

Once your API key is generated, please share it along with your 10-digit Australia Post or Startrack account number with your Solutions or Customer Success expert if you are actively working with a member of our team. If not, please send your API key and corresponding account numbers to [email protected], making sure to specify the following information:

- The name of your store(s) within Shippit
- All relevant account numbers and the name of the matching store(s) in Shippit
- Any specific Australia Post product preferences like Pack and Track and SafeDrop enablement or disablement

A member of our team will then apply these keys to your account and test for accurate quoting within Shippit.

If any issues arise prior to receiving your API keys from Australia Post, please contact the Australia Post customer connectivity team ([email protected]) and copy in our team at [email protected]

Important note for StarTrack customers

If you are looking to integrate your StarTrack account, please make sure to notify our team directly at [email protected] as a separate API key will be required for accurate tracking updates.

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