Integrating your DHL eCommerce account with Shippit

Using Shippit, you can book and generate labels for consignments within your own DHL eCommerce account. 

To get started, please make sure that you have your account number handy, and send an email to the DHL eCommerce IT team at Please make sure that you inform the team that you would like to integrate your account with Shippit.

DHL's team should then respond with four key pieces of information:

  1. Your account number confirmed
  2. Handover note requirement
  3. Your label prefix
  4. Your enabled products

If you've informed their team that you would like to integrate with Shippit, our team will also be in CC. Please reply to the email with your rate guide attached so that our team can load your rates to enable accurate quoting within Shippit.

What happens if you don't upload my rates?

Shippit's intelligent sortation algorithm sorts based on multiple factors, including serviceability, speed and cost - not a generalized rule. If we cannot pull an accurate quote based on the weight of your parcel, our algorithm cannot correctly allocate your parcels to DHL eCommerce.

If you have any questions about this process or encounter any issues, our team is available at

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