⏱ Weekly Carrier Transit Times | Australia & New Zealand | 25th September 2023.


With millions of delivery bookings made on Shippit every week, we’re continuously monitoring carrier performance.

We've distilled all that data into this transit time matrix which is designed to give you real-time data, enabling you to make the right decisions for your business!

Keep an eye on our Health Check Network Status Gauge which shows the latest capacity indicators for our partnered carriers.


This week's highlights:

  • AU and NZ transit times are mostly performing well at their expected service levels. The transit times for most key delivery lanes in Australia and New Zealand have met their expected service levels in the past consecutive months despite some minor disruptions in select regions.
  • International services have also been providing timely delivery timeframes except for some minor disruptions in select countries. Most of our international partner carriers have improved their services over the last couple of months and show efficient transit times results. However, select regions in Canada are experiencing slight challenges in their air network and border clearance backlogs.

AU Domestic Transit Times 25th Sep.png


NZ & International Transit Times 25th Sep.png


Weekly Domestic Service Level Comparison 25th Sep 2023.png


Please click the links below for a high-resolution image.

Weekly Carrier Health Check Australia Domestic

Weekly Carrier Health Check New Zealand & International 

Weekly Carrier Health Check Average Transit Times in the Last 7 Days



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