TNT/FedEx - NSW/VIC Collections for WA | 16 November 2022

Due to recent weather events, the Trans-Australian railway service from QLD & NSW to WA will remain closed until late November, early December. 

Further to this, on the morning of November 14th, a major derailment on the VIC-WA line, west of Geelong has impacted the transportation of dozens of shipping containers. All efforts are currently in place to try and restore the containers and the freight contained within. 

The rail-line is the only eastern seaboard line into WA and is not scheduled to be up and running until early-mid December. The accident has also sparked a large scaled inspection of the entire track. 

As a result, and due to backlog of freight currently in Parkes, NSW, FedEx freight bound for WA from NSW and VIC will not be collected from November 16th due to the backlog in Parkes until further notice. We strongly recommend that you refrain from sending non-essential freight. 



For more up to information, be sure to check out our Carrier Network Status Gauge.



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