⚠️ Process Change For Unmanifested Freight

Late last year our partner CouriersPlease informed us of a new surcharge the 'late manifest surcharge. Communications have been shared over the past few months to notify affected clients of the $5 per label surcharge which will be applied to all labels manifested late or after a scan of any type.

Over the past few months we have been working with CouriersPlease on different ways of working and managed to void the charges being passed onto our clients. However come 6th of February, these charges are due to be implemented.


What's changing?

To reduce the quantity of unmanifested freight and the overall cost passed onto our clients, Shippit will implement a process commencing on the 1st February that will automatically manifest freight daily after 1pm that is labelled but not yet manifested.

Ensuring this data is sent to CouriersPlease on time will ensure our clients are not charged with a 'late manifest fee' until we have time to work with you more on improving manifesting behaviour and reducing manifest surcharges in the long term.


What do you need to do?

Nothing at this stage. For those clients with an account manager, they will be in touch over the coming days to provide education and advice on manifesting to ensure you can avoid these charges moving forward.

if you do not have an account manager don't worry, our team will still reach out to those affected clients and provide the same tools for you to use.


How do I cancel a manifested order that is no longer needed?

This process won't change. You can still cancel an order that has been booked in Shippit from within the UI. Once an order has a scan (i.e shows in_transit) you will no longer be able to cancel the order as the carrier will have charged for the order.

If you have an order that hasn't been handed to the carrier but has an in_transit scan, please contact our support team for assistance.


How long will this process be in place?

This process will remain in place until the end of February and hopefully we will have seen a huge reduction of unmanifested orders. After this date however, any surcharges received for late manifests will be directly invoiced to our clients.


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