Installing the Shippit plugin for Shopify

Getting integrated with us using Shopify is easy - you'll never need to waste time manually entering delivery information again.

Before you start:

  • Please ensure your billing settings are up to date with a valid credit card
  • Obtain an API key from your integration settings panel (accessed via Settings > Integration Settings)

Installing the App:

  1. Log into your Shippit account at and navigate to Settings > integrations
  2. Once in “integrations” just below the webhook you will be able to select an integration.


  1. Enter your store name and domain.


DO NOT put the whole URL address like this:

  1. Once authenticated you will be prompted to install the Shippit Connect application.

    5. After successfully installing the app you should see new options but if not, refresh the integration settings page and the shippit connect settings should load.


There will be three tabs.


Please note: You will need to press UPDATE before moving to the next tab.

Live Quoting - Enable/Disable live quoting and which services
- Standard - Enables live quoting for Standard services & couriers
- Express - Enables live quoting for Express services & couriers
- Priority - Enables live quoting for Priority service & couriers


Order Sync - Choose which orders get Synced & add shopify shipping methods
- Sync mode - Choose which orders are synced with shippit
- Include/Exclude tags - You can choose which orders you want to be synced with shippit, this option is great for any Pre-orders.
- Shipping Method - add any shipping methods that you’ve set up in shopify, this will help map them to the correct carrier service.


Fulfillment - Enable/Disable shipment sync
- Enabled/Disabled - Sync orders once fulfilled in shippit back to shopify.

When you’ve linked your shopify account via shippit connect it should appear in your “apps” screen within Shopify.

From here you can see the following:
Store - Order Date - Order Reference - # of items - Shippit Reference/tracking # - Delivery Type - Carrier - Sync Status - Actions (manually sync)

Congratulations! You have integrated your Shopify store.

Next up - read about generating shipping labels for orders that come through from your Shopify store.



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