Can I send fragile items with Shippit?

Just like an oversensitive friend, fragile items need a little more love and care to ensure safe delivery. We ship thousands of parcels including wine, light fittings, porcelain homewares and the like with a minimal breakage rate across our carrier network.

Whilst our Approved Carriers will do their absolute best to deliver your items intact, things can go wrong.

Sending a Fragile Item

We recommend that you pack your fragile items as best you can to ensure safe cartage. Having worked with numerous clients on the best packing options, we have minimised breakage rates by up to 100% in some cases - so we know that packaging for success is key!

Pro-tip: Prepare for the worst so you can expect the best. Here are some example scenarios your packaged item needs to be ready for:

  • Parcel falling from a height (out of a delivery vehicle, off a transit cage)
  • Parcel being run into by a forklift
  • Parcel being loaded incorrectly (under or amongst other heavier items)
  • Parcel being exposed to extreme heat, extreme cold or wet weather

Take a look at our article on "How to best prevent parcels breaking" for tips on packing fragile items.

If you are still concerned about sending a fragile item, drop us a line and we will happily help in preparing your items for a safe delivery. 

Please note: Fragile items are shipped at your own risk, so please consider whether Shippit is the best option for your goods. 

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