I missed my delivery - how do I get it now?

If your friendly delivery driver failed to reach you whilst attempting the delivery of your parcel, we should have already notified you via email and or SMS. This email contains important instructions about how to collect your parcel or schedule a re-delivery to a location or time that suits you. 

Why didn't the driver just leave my item at the address I gave you?

Our Approved Carriers are instructed to only deliver items with a signature from the recipient. This is an important step in ensuring your parcel gets delivered to the right person. Alternatively, if you have requested "Authority to Leave" and your item was still not left, the delivery driver may have deemed it unsafe to leave your item at the location requested.

Ok, so what do I do now - I just want my package!

The fastest way to arrange a re-delivery or to identify where to collect your item from is to contact the carrier directly by calling their call centre number, quoting your parcel's ID number. You can find both of these details on your parcel's tracking page indicated in the screenshot below:

Pro-tip: Based on experience with Shippit's Approved Carriers, re-delivery can generally be arranged from the next business day onward. 

I was home but nobody knocked!

From experience, there may be occasions where its unclear whether an attempt to deliver was actually made. In order for us to improve our service, please let us know via the rating link we send you at the completion of you delivery.

Finally, if you have some special instructions or would like to let us know of any issues you have encountered you can email us directly at hello@shippit.com.

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    I was home and the driver made no attempt to knock or ring the door bell. Absolutely annoyed at this.

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    Rima zerlita

    I had the front door open the screen door closed i had NO ONE knock to tell me i have a delivery!

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