Tracking status definitions - what do they mean?

Your delivery will pass through several key states before it makes it to your hot little hands. You can view the status of your delivery by either viewing the Tracking page for your delivery or by logging in to Shippit.

Unlike other providers, we track your parcel from the moment you place your order. You'll notice that your item will have already passed through a couple of states before you received a notification from us to track your item. The time your order spends in these states is dependent upon the order fulfilment process of the store you purchased your item from.

We have highlighted the most common states your delivery will go through and what they mean:

  • Ready For Pickup - This is when your order is packed and ready for a driver to come and pick it up.

  • In Transit - This is when a parcel has to travel a longer distance and gets put on standard transit routes to get to you. This status may include transfers between depots, time spent being sorted at depots and many other states that we don't want to bore you with.

  • With Driver - This is when your parcel is with a local delivery driver. This means the delivery of your parcel is just around the corner! 

  • Delivery Attempted - This means that our driver has attempted to make a delivery at the address provided and was unable to complete delivery. We will notify you via email or SMS with instructions on what you can do to get your parcel sooner. 
  • Completed - This is when the delivery of your parcel been completed successfully. A successful delivery means an authorised person has signed for your parcel or it has been left without a signature if instructed. 

If you received a completion notification but still don't have your parcel, please contact us immediately at and we will help you get your parcel.


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