A delivery will pass through several key states before making it into your hot little hands and Shippit will automatically send you notifications along the journey.

We track your parcel from the moment you place your order. You'll notice that your item will have already passed through a couple of states before you received a notification from us to track your item. The time your order spends in these states is dependent upon the order fulfilment process of the store you purchased your item from.

Here are some of the most common status' and what they mean:

Booked for Delivery - your order is being packed and should be collected soon.



In Transit - your parcel has been picked up and is on it's way to a local depot. There a many stages in your parcels journey from this point onwards so the status might remain IN TRANSIT for a few days sometimes before it is given to your local driver to complete delivery.



With Driver - good news, a local driver has your parcel on board for delivery shortly!



Delivery Attempted - this status shows the driver has attempted delivery but they've missed you, perhaps you were not home at the time of delivery. Don't panic, you can easily rebook another delivery by contacting the courier directly, these contact details will be in your Shippit dispatch email. 

Not going to be home? No worries you still have a few options:

  • you can rebook redelivery with authority to leave, simply contact the courier and they can rebook another delivery for you.
  • if there's nowhere safe to leave the parcel, you can ask the courier to deliver to your closest collection point instead. This way you can collect it when you're ready.



Completed - this shows the driver has marked your delivery as completed. If you're after more info, the courier contact information will be displayed on the Shippit order link. 


Still can't locate your parcel?

Lodge a dispute online and our Delivery Support Team will help get to the bottom of it! 










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