Modifying or Cancelling an Order

How to Modify an Order


Orders can be modified or cancelled when showing ‘order placed’.  


Simply navigate to the order on the NEW ORDERS tab and click the blue drop down arrow button to the far right of the order.

Select Modify to change the details of the delivery.  




Deleting/Cancelling an Order

Deleting an order from within New Orders is very easy. Just click on the blue button with the white downwards arrow on the right of the order you want to remove. That will open a drop-down menu.

Click the Delete button on that menu and that's it! The order is now gone.

Note: All Bonds orders must be cancelled with Shippit regardless of the status on Shippit. Priority orders automatically get sent through to Bonds and booked with a driver to avoid delays.

If a Bonds order is not cancelled correctly there will be a futile charge which you will be charges for.

Please contact us urgently via Live chat to cancel Bonds orders!


  • Orders in ‘Dispatch in Progress’ can be cancelled without charge (excluding Bonds) however once in dispatch the order cannot be modified. 

Pro tip: we don't suggest printing the label/s until you've hit that big BOOK button.

Contact our support team, we can create a duplicate order which will make it re-appear in your ‘new orders’ tab where you can ‘modify’ the order as you need.


  • Once an order shows ‘Ready For Pickup’, this means it’s already been booked and confirmed for pickup with the courier.

 Please contact our support team for all cancellations via or live chat!

Note: Orders that are not cancelled correctly will incur a futile fee.

  • Deliveries already ‘In Transit’ cannot be modified.

    Our team can request the order be returned to sender however this would be without refund.











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