How do I print a shipping label?

All labels generated by Shippit adhere to standard shipping label sizes. These can be printed easily via a standard printer or via a label printer.

Printing on a Standard Printer

  • What should I print them onto?
  • How do I configure my printer?
    • For best results, set your print settings to print 4 to a page with 200% scaling. Below is an example of how to configure this on a mac.

Pro-tip: We recommend using a laser printer so that the integrity of the label is not compromised during shipping in the event of being exposed to the elements.

Printing with a Label Printer

Shippit labels are designed to print beautifully using any standard label printer. For the best settings please refer to the manual provided by the manufacturer of your label printer.

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    Jeffrey Atizado
    What is the recommended label size for a DYMO 450 printer?
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    Hi Jeffrey - it is 100 x 150 (or 4" x 6") That's a standard shipping label size that would fit the DYMO 450XL printer
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