Toll Priority Price Changes | Effective 7 August 2023

What has changed?

Our partnered carrier Toll has advised they will be increasing the price of their services and surcharges effective 7 August 2023.


Base Price Increase

Effective 7 August 2023, increases in freight charges will apply for deliveries across Toll Priority service accordingly:

  • 17.1% increase for Rockhampton QLD zone (4700 & 4701)
  • 6.6% increase for other zones

Surcharges Increases

Effective 7 August 2023, increases to the following surcharges will apply (also available to view in the Carrier Surcharge Matrix):

Carding Fee

  • $8.55 ex GST per consignment to be charged to any delivery that requires a signature and is unable to be delivered.
  • The parcel will be redirected to a Toll Collection Point and the customer will be notified how to collect their parcel via SMS.

Cancelled Connote Fee

  • $2.90 ex GST per consignment where a consignment is manifested and posted electronically to Toll but where no freight is presented.

Failed Security Screening Fee

  • $27.50 ex GST per item due to aviation security requirements and fails due to detection of non-compliant contents.

Futile Pick-Up Fee

  • $17.80 ex GST per consignment when a pick-up is not ready, or the sender is unavailable.
    Billed post-booking

Incompatible Label Fee

  • $5.70 ex GST per barcode / label not suitable for Toll’s automated sortation system.
    Billed post-booking

Late File Fee

  • $17.80 ex GST per consignment for files / manifest received after freight has been collected. Please ensure you transmit electronic data files to Toll prior to, or at the time of freight collection.

Limited Trading Day Surcharge

  • $884.05 ex GST per consignment surcharge applied for pick-ups on Christmas Day and Good Friday

Manual Consignment Fee

  • $21.40 ex GST per consignment where a paper consignment note is used instead of creating a shipment electronically

Manual Handling Fee

  • $13.75 ex GST per item where item is poorly packaged, unstable or otherwise incompatible with Toll’s automated sorting equipment

Repackaging Fee

  • $17.15 ex GST per item when the package is unsafe or inappropriately packaged to travel within the Toll network.

Redelivery Fee

  • $27.50 ex GST per consignment where a delivery attempt as been made and could not be completed due to receiver being unavailable, incorrect / insufficient consignment details, or refusal by the receiver.

Regional Area Surcharge

  • A surcharge is applied to a consignment when the location of a collection or delivery is a regional, remote or off-shore location where Toll incurs additional costs to service. Regional area surcharges apply to all consigned products & services. For prices per postcode, refer to this link.

WA Onforwarding Surcharge

  • $24.10 ex GST per consignment onforwarded to mine sites within Western Australia.


Why is it changing?

Price increases reflect and contribute to:

  • Toll's rising cost of operations within the freight industry due to inflation and economic pressures
  • Toll's continued investment their network in order to maintain their high level of service you rely on


If you have further questions on how this will impact your business, please reach out to our support team or alternatively speak with your Shippit Account Manager who will be happy to discuss your greater business needs.

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