Integrating your Magento (M1) account with Shippit


Integrating your Magento account with Shippit is easy thanks to our Shippit Connect plugin and can save you valuable time by automating your order entry, fulfilment and live quoting process. Before you get started, make sure you have the following ready:

  1. Valid Magento login details with administrator permissions
  2. A Shippit account with valid billing details

Installating the Shippit Plugin

To obtain the Shippit Plugin Extension Key

  1. Navigate to Shippit's Magento Connect listing
  2. Select "Install Now" button
  3. Select "Get Extension Key" and check "Get Extension Key" 
  4. Copy the URL in the Extension Key check box

Step 2: Install the Plugin from Magento Connect

  1. Login to your Magento Admin panel
  2. Navigate to Magento Connect (System > Magento Connect > Magento Connect Manager)
  3. Paste install key into the URL text box and click "Install'

Configuring the App:

  1. Navigate to the Shippit configuration page within Magento (System > Configuration > SALES > Shippit).
  2. Set "Enabled" to YES
  3. Insert API key in the API Key field section
  4. Set "Environment" to YES
  5. Set "Debug" to YES
  6. Checkout Options are optional
  7. Oder Sync "Enabled" YES
  8. "Manual Sync Enabled" YES
  9. "Order Status Filtering" YES
  10. "Order status" Set to processing. (Once order updates to processing status, the order will sync with Shippit)
  11. "Sync Mode" Realtime
  12. "Send all orders to shippit" YES
  13. "Shipping Sync" YES (this will fulfill orders and update tracking information)

Enabling Shippit's Local 3-hour Timeslot Option:

  1. Navigate to the Shippit configuration page within Magento (System > Configuration > SALES > Shipping Methods).
  2. Highlight the methods you'd like to enable live quoting for.

Enabling Shippit's live quote for Standard/Express & Priority Deliveries:

To enable live quotes for standard shipping at the checkout set "Standard" in the "Allowed Methods" section.

Please Note: Existing orders will not be imported at time of set up. For help with this, please get in touch with Shippit support via

Next up - read about generating shipping labels for orders that come through from your Magento store.

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