Customer Email and SMS notifications

Keeping customers in the loop throughout the delivery process - we’ve got it covered!


Shippit sends a range of email and SMS communications to your customers for every delivery booked through our platform.


For standard deliveries, we send the following email and SMS notifications:


  • Despatched - informing your customer that their purchase has been shipped from your store and a link for them to track progress
  • With Driver - once on board for delivery, your customer is notified that their delivery is close-by
  • Missed Delivery - if an attempt has been made and authority to leave has not been given, we will inform your customer of the attempt with the relevant details to re-book their delivery
  • Awaiting collection - if the parcel has been dropped off at a collection point (typically a local newsagent), the adequate details are sent to the customer
  • Completed - once complete, the customer is then asked to rate their experience


Yea okay pretty cool Shippit, but what if I don’t want my customers receiving all those notifications?

  • You can elect to switch off the Despatched notification via Settings > Communication Settings if you prefer to send these out manually or run a subscription based business.
  • The other communications are fixed as they have been proven to dramatically reduce the rate of customer anxiety during the delivery process.


Can I brand these communications?


Communications sent on behalf of all Senders on our basic plans will contain Shippit branding. However, each communication clearly states the store the delivery originated from.

It is possible to brand these communications by upgrading to our premium pricing plans, ask your Shippit account manager how!

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