Status Changes on Shippit

Each order has a life cycle and once it hits Shippit your customers will receive notifications with each status change (if enabled).

Here’s the lowdown on each status.


- an order exists in your app and will begin to sync into Shippit
- order is processing

- you've confirmed the order and in the process of labelling the parcel no doubt!

Next step, hit BOOK to arrange pickup.

- once you've booked the order in, it'll show Ready for Pickup. Shippit automatically send the pickup data over to the driver for collection. Pretty cool ha!

- this means the driver has collected the parcel and it's on it's way to the local depot.


Note: if you have enabled the 'automatically show in transit' feature on Shippit, this will automatically show 'in transit' regardless of the driver collecting.

- the driver has the goods on board for delivery, woohoo!

- uh oh, looks like your customer has missed a delivery!

Our support team proactively scan delivery issues so would have reached out to your customer with instructions on how to arrange re-delivery.

Concerns? Send us an email so we can look into it.

- looks like your customer was not home and the driver has used their discretion deciding to deliver the parcel to a collection point.

Once this happens we're unable to arrange re-delivery however we'll email your customer to let them know where to collect their parcel!

- great news, parcel delivered!

- if you've created a return from your customer, this is what you'll see.

Don't forget to hit BOOK PICKUP!

- oh no! Looks like something's gone wrong during delivery and the goods have been returned to sender.  

- although the drivers take the utmost care whilst delivering, on occasion mishaps can happen.

If you notice this status, no doubt our support team has been in touch to discuss your options. If not, simply reach out so we can advise on your next steps.

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