Integrating your Shopify account with Shippit

Integrating your Shopify account with Shippit is easy thanks to our Shippit Connect plugin and can save you valuable time by automating your order entry and fulfilment process. Before you get started, make sure you have the following ready:

  1. A Shopify account and a user login with administrator permissions
  2. A Shippit account with no other existing API connections and valid billing details

Installing the Shippit App for Shopify

  1. Log into your Shippit account and navigate to your Settings - drill into Integrations to configure your new integration

  2. Scroll down and select the Shopify integration

  3. Enter your store name Shippit Apps and Shopify domain. Click Continue.

    Please ensure that the URL only contains your store name and domain

  4. If you don't see a pop-up window appear to complete the authentication, please click on the link pictured below to continue or check your pop-up blocker.

  5. Within the new pop-up, log in to Shopify and to Install app to install the new Shippit app.
  6. Upon completion, the pop-up window should close and refresh your integration settings.

  7. Please configure your import settings to suit your requirements. By default, our integration will sync and fulfil orders with the following settings:
  • Auto-sync new orders to Shippit when they are marked as: Paid
  • Automatically update Shopify when you book orders on Shippit: On
  • Live quoting at checkout: Off

    You can alter these settings at any time. For any of our customers integrated with other marketplaces, we recommend changing your order sync trigger to Created instead of Paid

Testing the integration

  1. Create a test order in Shopify and mark it as paid (the order can have any value and any product)

  2. Drill into the Apps page in Shopify and click on the Shippit app to open Shippit Connect. This interface shows both see a history of orders synced to Shippit and a history of shipments created. You can also check order fulfilment history and configure your integration settings within this page.

  3. You should see your test order appear in the Order Sync History. Make sure that the order Status appears as Synced.
    After confirming that the order has been synced, check your Shippit account and confirm that the order appears in the New Orders tab

    Note: You will see a duplicate order appear as you have not yet terminated your initial integration with Shippit.


Check your webhook

Return to the Integrations page in your Shippit settings and check the following:

  • Your webhook URL has updated to the following format -
  • You can access Shopify Integration Settings below the webhook URL

If your webhook URL is not correct:

  1. Click the Fulfilments tab within Shopify Integration Settings
  2. Click Update and refresh your browser

I'm having issues following these steps

Please reach out to us at [email protected] for further assistance. 

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