Toll to Team Global Express | Rebrand



Toll has officially rebranded to Team Global Express.


In 2022, our carrier partner Toll announced that it was changing its name and brand identity to Team Global Express (TGE). As such, Shippit has begun to make changes across the platform including changes to the Shippit-generated Team Global Express labels, as well as Shippit's website articles and content about TGE.

The complete rebrand from Toll to Team Global Express will be completed on Shippit by October 24 2023.


What is changing?

Both the name and logo for Toll will be updated on the Shippit platform to Team Global Express, along with all the branding for Team Global Express across the Shippit website, and on all content about Team Global Express. Toll IPEC Road Express will become TGE IPEC Road Express, and Toll Priority B2C will become TGE Priority B2C.


What action is required?

No action will be required from you. The orders that you would normally book via Toll will now appear on Shippit as Team Global Express. 

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Shippit Support at or your Team Global Express representative if you are a BYO Team Global Express customer.

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