Integrating your TradeGecko account with Shippit

Using our TradeGecko plugin, your team can quickly integrate your Tradegecko instance with Shippit to automatically sync orders with our platform and fulfil orders within 

In order to integrate your TradeGecko account with Shippit, you will need:

  1. An active TradeGecko account
  2. privileged access token for your TradeGecko account (see instructions below)
  3. Shippit account with an active API key

Creating a Privileged Access Token within TradeGecko

  1. Within your Shippit account, navigate to your Settings and then to your Integrations settings.

  2. Click on the TradeGecko icontgecko1.webp

  3. Here, you will be prompted to create a TradeGecko access token. If our link doesn't work or you are asked to log in, use this link to create your token.

  4. Click New Application and fill in the following fields
    - Name (we recommended: Shippit Integration)
    - Redirect URI: Must be


  5. Click Submit. Once the new application profile creation is complete, click Create Privileged Token and copy your API token.

Authenticate your Shippit account

  1. Return to your Shippit Integrations settings and paste your token into the Access Token field. Click Connect.

  2. Once complete, click Launch Connect to configure your integration settings for order syncing and fulfilment. You can also use the Shippit Connect portal to import any existing orders.

Having trouble?

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