Upgrading your Shopify plugin

On 01 April 2018 we will be deprecating older versions of our Shippit app for Shopify in lieu of a new and improved version. The following apps will be deprecated on Shopify:

  • Shippit Made Simple - Shippit
  • Shippit - Simplified Australia Shipping

We've written up a quick guide on how you can take advantage of the new and improved Shippit app with minimal disruption to your business.

The new app retains all features of the previous versions but also boasts of more features as well as added stability improvements.

What's new?

  • More flexibility on how orders land in Shippit including advanced product filtering and shipping method mapping
  • Ability to send orders manually to Shippit directly from your Shopify orders interface
  • Clear display of order and shipment sync history via our connector platform - Shippit Connect

Here's Our Recommended Approach

When migrating to the new app we recommend the following:

  • Install the new app [Steps 1-7]
  • Test the connection by creating a test order on your Shopify cart [Steps 8-12]
    Note: you may see duplicate orders come in since you still have the old app enabled
  • Remove the old application [Steps 13-15]
  • Check that your Webhook URL is up to date [Step 16]

Install the new app

1. Log into your Shippit account and navigate to Settings > Integrations

2. Scroll down and click on the Shopify logo


3. Enter in your store name and Shopify domain and click "Continue"

IMPORTANT: Please ensure that the URL only contains the store name and the domain e.g. shippit-apps.myshopify.com


4. If you don't see a pop-up window appear to complete the authentication, you will see the tooltip: Don't see a popup to connect your store? Click here


5. Click on the link and you should see the popup window appear asking you to either log in or to install the app (if you are already logged into your Shopify store)

6. Install the app and the window should close and your integration settings page should refresh


7. Please configure your import settings to suite your workflows. By default the new app will have the following settings:

  • Auto-sync new orders to Shippit when they are paid - ON
  • Automatically update Shopify when you book orders on Shippit - ON
  • Live quoting at checkout - OFF

Testing the new app

8. Create a dummy order in Shopify and mark it as paid (you can create a $0.00 order for this)

9. Go to your Shopify Apps and click on the Shippit app

10. Here you will be able to both see a history of orders sent to Shippit and a history of shipments created. You can also configure your integration settings here.

11. You should see the order appear in the Order Sync History


12. Go back to your Shippit account and confirm that the order appears in your New Orders tab

Note: You may see two of the same order appear in your New Orders page due to the fact that you have the old app still running in the background


Removing the old app 

13. Go back to your Shopify store

14. Go to your Apps

15. If you see the following apps please click on the "Delete" icon:

  • Shippit Made Simple - Shippit
  • Shippit - Simplified Australia Shipping


Final Checks

16. Please go back into your Shippit integration settings (Settings > Integrations) and check the following:

  • That the webhook URL has updated to the following format - https://connect.shippit.com/shippit/webhooks/shopify...
  • You now have access the Shopify Integration Settings

Note: If the webhook URL has not updated please do the following:

  1. In the Shopify Integration Settings panel click on Fulfillments
  2. Click on UPDATE and refresh your browser


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