Integrating your NetSuite account with Shippit

Integrating your NetSuite account with Shippit is easy thanks to our Shippit Connect plugin and can save you valuable time by automating your order entry and fulfilment process.

In order to connect your NetSuite account with Shippit you will need to download our SuiteBundle, Shippit Integration. This SuiteBundle automatically creates roles and permissions that are required in order to integrate your NetSuite account with Shippit. These requirements include:

  • Creating a new Webservice role with appropriate permissions
  • Creating a Webservice application ID
  • Configuring user credentials to complete the integration process

The bundle also allows for automatic order sync with Shippit via webhook and manual Shippit order sync within Netsuite.

Before you get started, make sure you have the following:

  1. NetSuite login with administrative permissions
  2. A Shippit account with valid billing details
  3. The Shippit Integration SuiteBundle installed in your Netsuite account

Required steps

  1. Install Shippit Integration SuiteBundle to obtain a Webservices Account ID
  2. Assign the integration user in the Shippit preferences area in Netsuite
  3. Create a Netsuite Access token to retrieve a Token ID and Token Secret
  4. Input Netsuite Webservice Account ID, Token ID, and Token Secret into Shippit Integrations Settings.
  5. Update the SuiteBundle in Netsuite with your Shippit API key (required for Shippit to receive orders from Netsuite via manual "Send to Shippit" feature

Installing the Shippit Integrations SuiteBundle

  1. Log in to your NetSuite account as an administrator
  2. Navigate to Customization and drill into Suitebundler. Select Search & Install Bundles.
  3. Search for "Shippit Integration" and click on the bundle name

  4. Click Install and then Install Bundle once you have previewed the bundle installation. Confirm by clicking OK when the prompt appears.

  5. You can check the progress of your installation by clicking on Refresh on the Installed Bundles page
  6. After installation, you can view all installed bundles under List within the Search & Install Bundles page

Assign Integration User to Shippit Bundle

  1. Find Setup in the menu bar and navigate to the Shippit category.
  2. Find Preferences and click Edit to access your Shippit Preferences page
  3. On this page, drill down to the Integration User drop-down and select the admin user
  4. Find the API SERVER dropdown and select the appropriate Shippit environment for your integration ("Staging" for a Shippit staging account and "Production" for a live Shippit account)
  5. Click Save

  6. Please copy and save the Account ID shown below

Creating Your Access Token

  1. In the Netsuite menu bar, open setup Setup, open the User/Roles dropdown and find Access Tokens. Click New to create a new access token.

    If you can not create an access token, your administrator needs to enable it on your account. Please see this guide on how to do so.

  2. Please select the following drop-down options:
    • Application Name: Shippit or Shippit Staging (if you are using a sandbox environment)
    • User: You or the Administrator
    • Role: Shippit Integration

  3. Enter a TOKEN NAME of your choice - we recommend something simple and straightforward like "Shippit" or "Shippit Connect" to avoid confusion

  4. Please copy and save the Token ID and the Token Secret that are generated

    Important: Once you exit this page, you won't be able to access it again. We recommend you copy/paste these values somewhere for when you are required to enter these details in Shippit later

Completing the Integration process

  1. Access your Shippit Settings and navigate to the Integrations menu

  2. In the list of integrations, click on the Netsuite logo
  3. Please select your Netsuite environment (Live or Sandbox) and copy in your Netsuite credentials. This is your: Webservice Account ID, Token ID, and Token Secret
  4. Click CONTINUE to finalise the integration connection

Generating your Shippit Webhook URL

  1. Copy your Shippit API Key within the Integrations page

  2. Within NetSuite, find the Shippit Connect Preferences page and click Edit

  3. Paste your Shippit API key in the AUTHENTICATION TOKEN field and click Save

  4. Refresh the Integrations page in Shippit. Your Shippit Webhook URL should now be populated and will allow you to fulfil orders automatically in NetSuite.
  5. Enable the SALES ORDER OBSERVER in your Shippit Connect Preferences within NetSuite when you are ready to start importing your sales orders to Shippit.

I'm having issues following these steps

Please reach out to us at [email protected] for further assistance.

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