My parcel has been returned to sender


There are several reasons why the driver might return your parcel. A few of the main reasons are listed below.

You will receive an email notifying you of an attempted or failed delivery and usually have a few days to make contact with the courier before they'll return it to the sender. To avoid this, ensure all the relevant info is provided at the time of booking.


Common reasons for returned parcels:

  • it's a business address and the business name is missing
  • it's a business address and the floor level is missing
  • animals are in the yard and the driver cannot get in safely
  • the address is an apartment block and the unit number is missing from the order
  • there's been a problem with your package and the goods need to be returned to the sender
  • the sender has requested the package to be returned to them
  • the driver has attempted to deliver the package/s a few times already and now needs to return the package/s to the sender
  • the driver cannot access the property i.e security gated and no instructions or authority to leave provided


If you have received the 'returned to sender' email, unfortunately, it's too late for us to intercept it now. The best thing to do is contact the sender for further help with your order.









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