Integrating your Couriers Please account with Shippit

Using Shippit, you can book and generate labels for consignments within your own Couriers Please account. 

In order to complete this integration, our team will require the following parameters related to your Couriers Please account:

  • Your Account Number
  • Label Prefix or ID
  • Service codes for Road Express, 500g satchels, 1 KG satchels, 3 KG satchels, 5 KG satchels

If you do not already have this information, please ask your account manager to share these details with you. Once you have collected the information above, please email our team at [email protected] so that our Success team can add these details to your account.

Once this account is completely set up, you should see that Couriers Please is Billed by Carrier in your Carrier Settings.

Need further help?

If you need to use a custom connote range or have custom rates from Couriers Please, please contact us at [email protected] 

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