Integrating your Fastway account with Shippit

Using Shippit, you can book and generate labels for consignments within your own Fastway account. 

In order to complete this integration, you will need to know the following information related to your Fastway account:

  • Your API key
  • Your label type

Please note that Fastway's API keys can only be used with Shippit when using National Dynamic labels. If you do not currently have an account using National Dynamic labels, please reach out to Fastway's helpdesk at [email protected] to configure your account.

Once you have corrected your label type for compatibility with Shippit, please generate your API key here and share the key with our team at [email protected]. Once your account has been integrated, Fastway should appear as Billed by Carrier in your Shippit Carrier Settings.

Need further assistance?

Reach out to our support team at [email protected]

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