How to Raise a Technical Issue or Bug

Having technical issues?

The quickest way to report an issue is via our live chat window. This can be found in the bottom right-hand side of the Shippit website and allows you to access our support team between 8:30 AM and 5:00 PM AEST. If you are looking for help after hours, during the weekend or on public holidays, please send your inquiry to [email protected] 

To expedite your case and help our team work quickly, please provide the following information when making your inquiry:

  • Your store name as shown in Shippit
  • Your name, preferred contact number and email address
  • A brief description of the issue, the impact of this issue on your orders or operations, screenshot(s) (when applicable) and any steps we can take to replicate your issue
  • Examples of affected orders
  • The eCommerce platform you are using
  • Your Shippit debug log (if using Magento or WooCommerce)

If we believe the issue you have raised is symptomatic of a larger problem with our platform or one of our integrations, we may request temporary access to the administrative view of your shopping cart or website to better understand the issue.

Our support team or developers will never adjust any settings on your website without permission to do so first. We will  always advise you of necessary changes, how to make these changes and final result or impact. 

Our Response Times

Critical Issues

  • If a technical issue, bug, or defect is stopping you from booking or labelling an order, this is of critical priority.
  • Critical Issues are of the highest priority and you should hear from our Tech Support Team within an hour of escalating it. Our Developers will start reviewing the issue almost immediately and we aim to provide a resolution or ETA for fix within a few hours.

All other Issues

  • Issues that can be addressed without intervention (via a work-around or alternative method) that allow you to book, label, and manifest your orders are responded to within 4 hours of being raised
  • Though we may not be able to provide an immediate ETA for a technical resolution, we will clearly explain alternative solutions in our response.

Happy Shipping!  

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