Configuring the Shippit app for WooCommerce

After integrating your WooCommerce account with Shippit, altering a few simple settings can automate several aspects of your fulfilment and order management processes. This article will ∂provide an overview of:

  • Shipping method mapping
  • Automated and manual order sync, including:
    • Authority to Leave
    • Order sync requirements 
  • Live Quoting
  • Automated order fulfilment

We recommend focusing on three core areas as part of your initial setup: order sync, shipping method mapping and fulfilment. 

Prior to configuration, please make sure that you have:

  • Successfully installed the Shippit app in WooCommerce
  • Completed your integration with Shippit
  • Have an updated Webhook URL available within your integration settings (beginning with https://connect.shippit...)

Always make sure to click Update after altering any settings, and if you are experiencing difficulty with anything listed above please contact our team at [email protected]

Shipping Method Mapping

In order to automatically sync orders to the correct shipping service type (Express, Standard or Priority), your Shipping Zones must be mapped to the appropriate service type within the Order Sync tab in your Shippit Connect settings. 

For example, this store provides multiple flat-rate and free shipping methods in Australia and NZ, with local pickup for some Australian orders:

These methods within the zones above can now be mapped to the correct carrier service type in Shippit. This means that all standard shipping zone orders will automatically be allocated to a standard shipping service, while all express shipping zone orders will automatically be allocated to an express shipping service.

If you offer a local pick-up service or click-and-collect, this can also be configured within the Order Sync settings.


Order Sync

By default, Shippit will be configured to automatically import any new paid orders within your WooCommerce account. Within the Order Sync tab in your integration settings or the Shippit app in WooCommerce, automatic order sync can be turned off.

Auto-Sync and Manual Sync

By default, Shippit Connect will automatically import all orders from WooCommerce as soon as these orders enter the Auto-Sync Status you have designated above.

If you would prefer to use a manual order sync (preferred by Shippit customers relying primarily on pre-orders or subscription-based orders), manual order sync can be accessed through the Orders page in WooCommerce.

Simply select your chosen orders, click on Bulk Actions and then Send to Shippit. 

To manage pre-orders, our team recommends keeping Auto-Sync OFF in order to control order flow into Shippit.

Order Sync Requirements

Shippit requires an email address for all orders entering our platform, which means that an order that is missing an email address will generate an error upon attempting to sync with your Shippit store.

Authority to Leave

Authority to Leave (or ATL) is a standard checkout field in WooCommerce, enabling our extension to automatically sync this additional field with Shippit. Simply change the Display Authority to Leave setting to Yes.  

Live Quotes

To provide your customers with the ability to generate a live shipping quote, you can either use WooCommerce's native quoting capability, or navigate to Settings and then drill into Shipping and click on Shippit (Legacy) to enable Shippit quotes.

Within these settings, you can enable all shipping methods offered to your customers, add margins to your quotes and even limit the amount of same-day delivery timeslots offered in your checkout. Our team strongly recommends displaying the city field at checkout, shown in the settings above, to generate quotes quickly.

Automatic Fulfilment

After completing the steps outlined in our integration article, a Webhook URL should appear in the Integrations settings page, like this:

If not, the integration was not successful. Please try following our steps again, or contact us at [email protected] and make sure to include all relevant details.

This webhook URL is a link used by our platform to share tracking details and fulfilment information with WooCommerce. Fulfilment details (including partial or complete fulfilment) are visible in the order's history. 

Having trouble?

Reach out to our team at [email protected] for technical assistance, and make sure to include all relevant details in your message.


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