Integrating Your Own Aramex AU Account (BYO)

Aramex (formerly Fastway) has launched a new myFastway API suite that will eventually replace their current technology.

As such, we currently only offer new BYO integrations using the new myFastway API under the name Aramex AU NZ.

If you currently have a BYO Aramex account with Shippit on the old Fastway API, you will need to migrate to the new myFastway API suite before December 9 2022 in order to continue using your BYO Aramex account via Shippit.

This article outlines the steps required to start using the Aramex AU NZ service in Shippit.


Available services

When using Shippit, you gain access to the below Aramex (formerly Fastway) delivery service/s:

  • Standard delivery

How to switch to Aramex, from Fastway

1) Connect your Aramex (myFastway) account

If you have your own account with Aramex and are planning to continue with their service then you will need to ensure you have a myFastway account. We suggest discussing this with your Aramex account manager to start migrating your services to the myFastway platform.

Once on the platform, you will need to login to your myFastway portal and set up your API Credentials. Shippit will need your Aramex API credentials to onboard your myFastway account and link to your Shippit Account.

Next, reach out to our Support team via to start the onboarding process of your MyFastway Account, and include the following information:

  • Shippit Store Name - The name of your merchant account
  • Fastway Account Number - The account number provided to you by Aramex AU NZ (Fastway)
  • Client ID - the user ID provided by your Aramex (Fastway) Account Manager
  • Client Secret - the password provided by your Aramex(Fastway) Account Manager

  • Fastway Account Manager Details (if any) - Name, email, and contact number

Please allow 3 to 5 business days for configuration to be completed. Once you have been advised that your Aramex account has been successfully implemented you should see your orders available to switch to Aramex AU NZ on the New Orders page.


2) Update your shipping method mapping

Once Aramex AU NZ is enabled on your Shippit Account, it will automatically fall under the Standard Carrier services if you use the Shippit General Delivery Service.

For users who are using shipping methods on Shippit Apps with their Ecommerce, IMS, or OMS platforms, you will need to go into your Shippit App Settings and adjust your available carriers list. To see how to adjust this please see Shippit Support Centre and look for your relevant Shippit App and Adjustments will be under Shippit Method mapping.

We also recommend removing Fastway from your shipping method to avoid further orders moving to Fastway.


Click here to see our Shopify help centre article section on shipping method mapping.


Trade Gecko

Click here to see our Trade Gecko help centre article section on shipping method mapping.


Magento 2

Click here to see our Magento 2 help centre article section on shipping method mapping.



Click here to see our Neto help centre article section on shipping method mapping.

The Shipping Method Mapping function allows you to match your Neto shipping methods to a specific service or service class in Shippit.

If you offer Free Shipping, you can minimise your shipping costs by identifying the specific service or service class that you would like the order to be transacted through.

Lastly, there is an option to map to Click & Collect.  This allows you to generate a label for an order and as soon as the label is downloaded, the order is moved from the New Orders tab to the Track Tab.

Magento 1



For API users, if Aramex AU NZ is enabled and configured, the carrier will be available as part of the automated allocation process.

For example, it will be displayed in the API response if "courier_type" = "standard" .

For direct allocation to the courier, use "courier_allocation" = “AramexAuNz” instead of using "courier_type"

Common Questions

What if I don't switch to Aramex AU NZ and stay with the Fastway?
Shippit will eventually turn off Fastway as a service on Shippit. All of your orders that are still pending to be booked in Shippit will not be able to be serviced with Fastway and will have to be manually changed to Aramex AU NZ. We recommend switching earlier to Aramex AU NZ to avoid any manual intervention.

Will Shippit switch my Fastway orders to Aramex AU NZ?
Shippit will not automatically switch carrier services for orders that have already been placed in Shippit. You will have to go to the new orders screen and switch each one or prior to the cut-off date to ensure all orders with Fastway have been booked and all new orders are with Aramex AU NZ.

My account has been set up but I’m not seeing any quotes, why?
Please be mindful that if this is a new Fastway account, it can take a few days for the provisioning of your account on the Aramex AU (Fastway) side. If this is not a new account, please reach out to your Fastway account manager before escalating to Shippit.

Confirm the following with Aramex AU (Fastway):

  1. The type of Fastway account you have, which should be National Dynamic label (Invoiced by Fastway)
  2. Your account number has been linked with your API key

Get to know more about Aramex AU here.

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