What services are available.

When using Shippit, you gain access to the below carrier service/s:

  • Standard road expess


How to activate.

1. Log into your Shippit account and go to Settings


2. Select Carriers


3. Turn ON Aramex (Fastway)


    * Please note: Availability may change based on pick up location.



Can I bring my own carrier account?

If you would prefer to use your own carrier account please email configuration@shippit.com and provide the following information.

Once received, please allow  3 to 4 days for configuration to be completed. Your Shippit configuration specialist will confirm via email once it's ready to go!

  • Shippit Store Name - The name of your merchant account
  • API Key - The API key provided by Fastway
  • Fastway Account Number - The account number provided to you by Fastway
  • Fastway Account Manager Details (if any) - Name, email and contact number

Please take note that we are only integrated with the National Dynamic Label account. If you have a my Fastway account or anything else aside from National Dynamic, you need to contact your account manager at Fastway and have that changed over.


Common Questions.

Q: My account has been set up but I’m not seeing any quotes, why?

A: Please be mindful that if this is a new Fastway account, it can take a few days for the provisioning of your account on the Fastway side.

If this is not a new account, please reach out to your Fastway account manager before escalating to Shippit. 

Please confirm the following with Fastway:

  1. The type of Fastway account you have, which should be National Dynamic label (Invoiced by Fastway)
  2. Your account number has been linked with your API key

Get to know more about Aramex AU here.

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