What services are available.

When using Shippit, you can gain access to the below carrier service/s:

  • Toll IPEC
  • Toll Priority B2C

How to activate.

Currently, you will not be able to simply turn on Toll within Shippit as approval is required from the carrier before shipping.

Toll B2C will require 10 packages minimum per pickup and atleast 3 pickups per week.


Can I bring my own carrier account?

If you would prefer to use your own carrier account please email configuration@shippit.com and provide the following information.

Please note it can take 3-4 days for Toll B2C to be set up & up to 4 weeks for BYO Toll services to be configured. Your Shippit configuration specialist will confirm via email once it's ready to go!

  • Shippit Store Name - The name of your merchant account
  • Toll Account number - The billing account number given to you by Toll
  • Dangerous Goods - Are you Shipping any dangerous goods? yes/no
  • Toll Account Manager - Name and email address of your Toll Account Manager


Get to know more about Toll B2C here.

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