The Shippit Australia Post integration is BYO only as we do not offer Australia Posts services on our own accounts.

With an eligible Shippit subscription, you have the ability to bring your own Australia Post Domestic and International Standard and Express rates to Shippit.

What services can can be integrated?

We can currently integrate the following AP services into Shippit:

  • Australia Post eParcel
  • Australia Post eParcel Express
  • Australia Post eParcel International
  • Australia Post eParcel Express International
  • Australia Post OnDemand

What's needed to integrate my own account?

To enable this, you first need to have the following eParcel credentials:

  1. Account Number
  2. API Key
  3. Secret Key

If you do not have it on hand, you can follow these steps below to obtain them.

Obtaining Australia Post API Credentials.

To generate an API key, you will need the following:

  1. An eParcel or Australia Post account, along with an Australia Post business credit account
  2. Your account number

If you do not currently have an account with Australia Post, please phone 13 11 18 and arrange to open a business credit account and include eParcel. Alternatively, you can contact Australia Post here.


1. Set Up a Developer Centre account

Complete all fields on the registration page and make sure to activate your account once you have received a confirmation email from Australia Post.


Note: if you have a MyPost account that is registered under your business email address, you can use the same credentials to access the Developer Centre.

Register for the Shipping & Tracking APIs at

Click the Register link and Complete Registration to continue.


2. Activate Shipping and Tracking API

Make sure to specify that you are looking for an API key that has access to tracking, product pricing, lodgement and label printing, then enter the Australia Post account to be linked to the key.


Important Note: Australia Post's account numbers are all linked to individual lodgement points, meaning that only one account can be used per physical location. Please see best practice set up below.


Individual Lodgement Points (Best Practice Set Up)

If you have more than one store location, multiple pick up addresses, or use more than one lodgement point, you will need to link all relevant account numbers to one API key. Please ensure you specify all account numbers that will be used via the APIs in the comments field in the last step of the registration process and identify one "leader account" for billing purposes (this should be your main Australia Post credit account).

We recommend the following template:



3. Specify Platform Partner

Specify Shippit as your your Platform Partner and indicate that you are willing to give us consent to access your account by checking the box below the partner list.


Important Note: This is an important step as it allows our team to troubleshoot any issues on your behalf.

Please wait for confirmation email and then follow the steps as advised. This should be received within 1 business day.

A commonly missed step is the activation of the API key. If your team is experiencing issues with this, please screenshot the activation screen as pictured below and send to Support.


To get to this page, your team needs to login to the Auspost Developer Portal > click on the projects tab > click on Services on the left. Once on this page, turn on all buttons and click update.


4. Input Credentials into Shippit Settings

Once your API key is generated, please follow activation steps at the top of the page. If you have any issues or concerns, please contact Support with the Api key and password along with your 10-digit Australia Post account number. Also consider sharing:

 (1) Provide all relevant account numbers and the name of the matching store(s) in Shippit.

 (2) Any specific Australia Post product preferences like Pack and Track and SafeDrop enablement or disablement

 If any issues arise prior to receiving your API keys from Australia Post, please contact the Australia Post Customer Connectivity team or your Australia Post account manager and copy in Support.


How to start shipping with Australia Post.

1. Go to Settings in your account


2. Select Carriers


3. Select "Link Account" next to either Australia Post and/or Australia Post Express


4. Input credentials provided by Australia Post (Instructions on how to obtain below).



5. Confirm credentials are correct. If not, please contact for assistance.

NOTE: If your subscription plan has assigned an account manager to you, please send the below details to them directly.


* Please note: After connecting your account Shippit will display the default product preference to connect your account. If you require specific product preference defaults to be used, please contact to update this setting immediately.


Upon submission of complete information enumerated above, configuration may take a day to setup.



Australia Post On Demand.

Australia Post On-demand has four service types (below) offering same day service from metropolitan to metropolitan available for a sub-set of postcodes. 

Check postcode availability here.

NOW (or any time today)

AFTERNOON (deliver between 1 pm and 5 pm)

TONIGHT (deliver between 6 pm and 9 pm)

SATURDAY (deliver Saturdays between 1 pm and 6 pm).


Things to note:

  • The On-demand service does not operate on public holidays
  • There are minimum volume quotas so please check with your Australia Post account manager for further clarification
  • The On-demand service only operates in metro Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide. Check availability here.
  • The Tonight and Saturday services can only deliver to residential addresses so will exclude business addresses, parcel lockers and PO Boxes
  • The maximum dead weight for orders is 25 kg
  • The maximum dimensions for orders are 50 cm x 50 cm x 50 cm
  • No dangerous goods are accepted.


Service Times.

The Australia Post On-demand service manifest, collection and delivery times are summarised in the table below.

Explanation of terms:

  • Last manifest time for same-day bookings: The latest Australia Post will accept a manifest in order to execute the same day delivery. 
  • Manifest time: Manifest at least "X" prior collection time, e.g. if a merchant has an 11:00 am pick up for their AFT orders, Australia Post will accept a 10:00 am manifest as AFT orders are expected to be manifested 1 hour prior to pick up. 
  • Service Availability: When the service is available for bookings of orders.
  • Pick-up time: The scheduled/last pick-up time for each of the services. 
  • Delivery Window: The windows that each service is completed.



To integrate the Australia Post On-demand service into your fulfilment system the following steps need to be taken:

  1. Register your new On-demand service by signing up to the Australia Post Developer Centre and register for the Shipping and Tracking API.
  2. Meet with your Australia Post On-demand implementation team to discuss your onboarding requirements
  3. Contact Shippit to integrate your fulfilment system. *See what we need from you below.
  4. Update your website and operational process to cater for On-demand. Verify your setup and you're ready to launch!


What we need from you.

Once you receive your Australia Post’s On-demand credentials, please email this information to so we can help configure your Shippit settings.

NOTE: If your subscription plan has assigned an account manager to you, please send the below details to them directly.

  • Shippit Store Name: The name of your merchant account
  • Account Number: Your unique Australia Post On-demand account number
  • API Key: The API key provided by Australia Post
  • Secret Key: Your Australia Post On-demand API key password
  • FTP Username: Your FTP username setup with AusPost
  • FTP Password: The password for the FTP username
  • Service Code/s: The codes that you will be using i.e. NOW, AFT, TON and/or SAT
  • Australia Post Account Manager Details: Name, email and contact number

Upon submission of complete information enumerated above, configuration may take 2 to 3 days and depending on how quickly you can check and approve the built rate card.



Considerations to implement Australia Post On-demand with Shippit.

Step 1: Update your shopping cart to show On-demand

Ensure to cater for valid postcodes, cut-off times and parcel size limitations.

Step 2: Integration with Shippit

There are two ways to integrate your Shippit account with the Australia Post On-demand service, with your Shippit supported cart or direct API integration.

Step 2 a: Shippit Cart Integration

Merchants with cart integrations please refer to your specific platform for the integration guidelines.

Step 2b: Direct API Integration

For API integrations please refer to the Shippit API specifications (priority order request) for more details.

Merchants with a direct API integration will be required to make use of the following parameters in the Shippit Order API to create orders with their Australia Post On-demand service.  The Order API courier_type parameter with a specific delivery_date and delivery_window must be included e.g. ap_2.png

The Australia Post On-demand specific delivery windows must be used to select the correct service type, their four service types are:


Step 3: Authority to Leave

Please note that ‘Authority to Leave’ is mandatory for the Australia Post On-demand service.

Step 4: Complete your Australia Post On-demand integration testing

Place test orders, one per service, with a delivery date 10 days in the future and provide your test labels and consignment numbers to your Australia Post account manager for approval.  Once approved, please arrange pickups with your Austalia Post account manager as they require 3 days notice prior before service launch.

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