How to start shipping with CouriersPlease.

You can easily turn on CouriersPlease within Shippit Settings>Carriers, see below.


1. Go to Settings in your account.


2. Select Carriers.


3. Turn on Couriers Please.


    * Please note: Availability may change based on pick up location.


Can I bring my own rates (i.e connect my own CouriersPlease account)?

If you would prefer to use your own negotiated rates, please email and provide the following information. If you do not already have this information, please ask your CouriersPlease account manager to share these details with you.

NOTE: If your subscription plan has assigned an account manager to you, please send the below details to them directly.

  • Shippit Store Name - The name of your merchant account
  • Account Number - Unique account number provided by CouriersPlease
  • Label Prefix/ID - 3 character code that is listed in your connote.
  • Product Codes/Service Codes - Below are examples
    • L6617 – Road Express
    • Y3017 – 500 Gram Satchels
    • Y3117 – 1Kg Satchels
    • Y3317 – 3Kg Satchels
    • Y3517 – 5Kg Satchels
  • Couriers Please Account Manager Details (if any) - Name, email and contact number

Upon submission of complete information enumerated above, configuration may take 2 to 3 days and depending on how quickly you can check and approve the built rate card, if necessary.


Setting up ATL satchel rates.

We can set up ATL for the following service codes:

    • 500 Gram Satchels

To setup ATL for the following, we will need to upload your rate which you can attain from your CouriersPlease account manager

    • 1Kg Satchels
    • 3Kg Satchels
    • 5Kg Satchels


Get to know more about CouriersPlease here.

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