Integrating Your Own CouriersPlease Account (BYO)

If you want to make use of our account and pre-negotiated rates with CouriersPlease please refer to the activation process here.

If you would prefer to use your own negotiated rates with CouriersPlease, we can integrate your account into Shippit - see below.


What do I need to do to connect my own account?

When using Shippit, you can gain access to the below carrier service/s:

  • CouriersPlease standard
  • CouriersPlease drop-off standard

CouriersPlease Standard Service

Please email with the below account information. Once reviewed our team will be in touch within 1-3 business days normally however account activation for BYO can take 1-3 weeks to complete.

  • Shippit Store Name - The name of your merchant account
  • Account Number - Unique account number provided by CouriersPlease
  • Label Prefix/ID - 3 character code that is listed in your connote.
  • Product Codes/Service Codes - Below are examples
    • L6617 – Road Express
    • Y3017 – 500 Gram Satchels
    • Y3117 – 1Kg Satchels
    • Y3317 – 3Kg Satchels
    • Y3517 – 5Kg Satchels
  • Couriers Please Account Manager Details (if any) - Name, email and contact number

We can set up ATL for the following service codes:

  • 500 Gram Satchels

To set up ATL for the following, we will need to upload your rate which you can attain from your CouriersPlease account manager

  • 1Kg Satchels
  • 3Kg Satchels
  • 5Kg Satchels

CouriersPlease drop-off

To apply for the CouriersPlease Drop-off service you'll need to complete the below request form and advise you want to connect your own account & rates.

Once you have submitted your application, our team will review your request you will receive a response from us within 10 business days.




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