This article outlines the frequently-asked billing questions of businesses in Australia. If your business in based in Singapore and/or Malaysia, please contact or for inquiries.

Shippit is a monthly software subscription that will automatically be charged a month from point of sign up. You will also pay daily, weekly or monthly (according to your account set up) for all shipping and label fees that are booked through our platform. Below are more details regarding charges you may encounter.

Understanding the Free Trial

What is a free trial? 

Shippit offers a free 30 day trial for new merchants once you've added a subscription. If you enjoy Shippit, you will be charged after the trial ends. You will only be charged for the shipments you make, not for the software. 

If it's a free trial, why do I have to enter my payment details? 

Shippit requires payment details to ensure that you have an uninterrupted experience and can enable you to send your packages. 

What happens after the free trial?

If you enjoyed your 30-day free trial, you will be automatically charged for a monthly subscription as preselected before your trial began. If you cancelled your trial before it ended, you will not be charged for your subscription. 


Managing Your Account

Where can I see my plan and how much I'm paying? 

You can see your subscription if you login in/billing details/ invoices & subscriptions

How do I update my payment details?

You can update your billing details if you, log in/ billing details/payment details - update your credit card details and press update. 

If being manually invoiced, ensure to contact

How can I cancel Shippit? 

We hope this isn't the case but we understand if you do. Simply email us and our support team will ensure to cancel your subscription with us:

Australia / New Zealand -

Singapore -

Malaysia -


Identifying Unexpected Charges

Why am I being charged more than I expected? 

GST - our pricing displayed on the pricing page and on your account is exclusive of GST. 

Surcharges - if you are shipping as a pay as you go customer, you will receive a 15% surcharge per order. 

Label Fees - you will be charged a label fee which is detailed on your subscription plan for any BYO bookings or if you exceed your monthly booking limit. 





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