How to start shipping with Drive Yello.

If you would like to activate Drive Yello On-Demand, please email to request for it and provide the below information. Shippit will contact Drive Yello on your behalf to setup the rates.

NOTE: If your subscription plan has assigned an account manager to you, please send the below details to them directly.

  • Shippit Store Name - The name of your merchant account
  • Contact Name - The name of the registered person on your Shippit merchant account
  • Contact Email - The email registered to your Shippit merchant account
  • API Key - Only if you would prefer to use your own negotiated rates with Drive Yello. This unique API key identifying your account should be obtained from Drive Yello
  • If shipping high volumes or from multiple locations - please send indicative daily volumes for pre-approval and setup.

Upon submission of complete information enumerated above, configuration can be completed within the day, or may take up to the next day if requested after the daily cut-off.


Get to know more about Drive Yello here and be sure to have a read of On-Demand-Delivery-The-What-Why-and-How



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