What Shopify or Magento 2 updates do I need to make

If you’re using Shopify: 

If Shopify was installed before 29th April 2019, you'll need to update the permissions to allow Shippit to look up orders that have been archived in Shopify.

Simply follow the prompts in Shippit Connect. If you don’t see this message below, then you don’t need to do anything.

If you haven't yet installed Shopify, simply follow the setup guide here.


If you’re using Magento 2:

Please follow the steps below to allow Shippit to interact with your Magento 2 platform.


1. Open Shippit Connect, locate your integration and click LOGIN.


2. You will now need to log into Magento 2 to create and retrieve the access token.


3. Navigate to SYSTEM > Integrations, then click on Add New Integration.



4. In the Integration Info section, enter the following details:

  • Name - What you'd like the integration to be called, e.g. Shippit Returns
  • Email - Your Magento 2 email address
  • Password - Your Magento 2 password



5. In the API section, enable the following permissions:

  • Sales > Operations > Orders
  • Sales > Operations > Returns (Magento Enterprise Only)
  • Catalog > Inventory > Products
  • Stores > Attributes > Product



6. Next to the Save button, open the drop-down and select Save & Activate. On the following page, click Allow when verifying the requested permissions.



7. Copy the Access Token link and click Done.



8. In Shippit Connect, enter in the Magento 2 store domain and the access token you created earlier, then click CONTINUE to complete the setup.

NOTE: Please remove any special characters from the URL such as "https://" or forward slashes "/"


9. Now you can start adding return requests against that Magento account!

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